Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Heidi turned 3

Heidi's birthday was in June. I can't believe that my baby is 3. Most people by now can't believe that I have not had another one or that I am not pregnant. Believe me we are finished!!!!
Anyways, we had a small family party on her birthday and then had a friends party on Sat. at my dad's new house with his pool. We had a great time and I know Heidi did too.

On a side note the week before Heidi's b-day, my sister Alli had her little girl.Her name is Loralei and the girls are absolutely in love with her.

Here is the birthday girl

some of her gifts

here is loralei at a week old

Heidi getting her birthday spanking from Papa

Grandma and Heidi eating b-day cupcakes

These are just a few pics from the swim party.


The Sauls Family said...

Whatever! You keep saying you're done.... :P

Melissa said...

Listen here. I am so DONE!!!!!
Heidi has done me in