Sunday, July 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Hannah and Haleigh!!!!

So my babies are growing up so fast. This weekend was Hannah and Haleigh's birthday. Hannah turned 8 and Haleigh turned 6. Really, were does the time go??? We had a party at their Papa's house and had lots of friends come over to celebrate with them. We had pizza and hamburgers, cake and cupcakes and LOTS!!! of fun. My grandmother, the kids great grandma was able to be here for their birthday. She will be 90yrs old in Nov. The girls love her and were so glad she could be there.

We are so grateful for our friends and the wonderful friendships we have. We love you guys.

Here are some pics from the party.

Haleigh before the party

We love papa's new house and pool.

Some of our wonderful friends

Contests jumping off the diving board

More friends having fun

Another group shot

waiting in line for cake or cupcakes

must have been good

same here

my grandma with her great grandchild Loralei

eating some yummy cake and cupcake


emily said...

I am so sad we missed so much fun! Happy bday Haleigh! Hey Melissa, nice post... about flippin time!!! So we will expect the next set of posts to be when?? High school graduation?? You know you miss my witty attitude.....

Melissa said...

Yes, I so miss your flippin witty attitude. You are so funny. You better be proud of me. I have done so good about blogging lately. No, I will try to one more in there before high school graduation!!!!!!

The Sauls Family said...

I love that look on Nanci's face in the one picture! Hee!

I'm so impressed with all the blogs you've been putting up recently. It's only because of visitors and new babies that I've had anything to post about lately. :P

BigMama said...

Looks like they had a blast!

Haleigh came up to me yesterday and let me know that I didn't get her a birthday present! LOL! I felt so bad! I didn't know that child's birthday was the day before Hannah's!

carrieapd said...

Fun fun! Wish we lived closer, Gabby would love to be there with them all.