Sunday, March 1, 2009



Today is our anniversary. We have been married for 12yrs. Can you believe it. Just kidding.

We have had some really good times along with the bad, but I have to say the good out weigh the bad.

Jason had been gone for the last week and was suppose to be gone until the 11th. To my surprise this morning he came home. They finished their job out of town and he got to come home early. He is the best. (he won't read this post so I can write that. If he knew I wrote that he would get a big head. =)

He is very thoughtful though. When he realized at first that he wouldn't be here, he had is mom make me an arrangement. She did such a beautiful job. The pitcher and basin is one Jason made when he was 8.


carrieapd said...

How sweet!!! I know how time flies by..It will be our 13th this year!!

The Sauls Family said...

Happy Anniversary!

J-Mom said...

Happy Anniversary!!! That was very sweet and thoughtful.