Thursday, February 12, 2009

Trampolines... Gotta love'em

Saturday the older girls were down the street playing which left miss Heidi at home by herself. She plays by herself pretty good but I was feeling sorry for her. She was jumping on the trampoline by herself when I decided to join her. The weather was awesome and can we say STATIC ELECTRICITY?

We chased each other around in circles and bounced each other playing "don't break the egg." We had so much fun together with our one on one time.


carrieapd said...

Very Cute! I like the one you added to facebook with you and all the girls on the tramp. You need to post some pics of your house..please!

Genny said...

That is so good of you to spend one on one time with your girls. I definitely need to do more of that. Poor Trenton feels left out sometimes because he is the only boy.

J-Mom said...

That's sweet. I know it's hard to find that one on one time---Glad y'all had fun together.