Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hayden's Fall

We have had an interesting weekend to say the least. Friday night we had a girls nite which was a lot of fun. We stayed up late talking and making cookies and enjoying each others company.
Saturday morning started off pretty well, kids sleeping in and mom too. After everyone was up and I was getting breakfast for the girlies we had a MAJOR accident.
I was on the phone with my mother and heard a "thud". Not thinking that it was really anything I heard this wimper of a cry. I looked into the foyer from the kitchen and noticed an elbow on the floor where it really shouldn't have been. I then realized that child #3 (Hayden) had fallen off the banister at the top of the stairs. She had fallen at least 9ft. straight down and landed on her stomach. I was very freaked out as you can imagined. I ran to her telling her not to move and yelling for the girls to get the phone. Jason was at a service project and wasn't home. After calling him and my mother and asking Hayden if she could feel me pinch her toes we tried to get up off the floor. I was very afraid to move her not knowing if her back was broken or her neck for that matter. A friend from down the street came over to check her out. I was very grateful that she came and lives so close. Hayden could move and walk but was in a lot of pain. She had to wind knocked out of her really bad. I normally don't get panicky about things when the girls get hurt but this one caused me to do so. I called the pediatrican and he told me to take her to the ER. Thank goodness when we arrived at the ER it wasn't very busy and they got us right in :). They checked her out and did x-rays and said there was no broken bones and no injuries internally. They released us and said "no more sliding down the banister".
The pics at the top are from the top of the stairs and from the foyer. I know she had Heavenly Father looking out for her yesterday. I don't know how she didn't break anything..
Then on Sunday, last but not least I received a wonderful calling at church. I was late going and was getting ready when the phone rang. It was Jason. He had left earlier with the older girls. He ask if I was coming soon that someone needed to talk to us. As I hung up the phone I knew I was in trouble. What could I possibly be called to? When I got to church (with much relief) they asked if I would serve in primary. Of course I said yes and am very grateful to serve. My fun days are over in nursery and I will dearly miss Melissa :).
I hope my weekends to come will be less adventureous than this past weekend.


J-Mom said...

That is so scary! I know she has always been the climber. I can't imagine all you were going through. I am so glad she is okay.

Genny said...

Holy cow. I have just been waiting for that to happen at our house and it hasn't yet. She is very lucky. Glad she is ok.

BigMama said...

You were so disappointed that you were going to miss me SO much, you recruited me to big-kid primary, huh? :) Looking forward to Sunday--it s/b a fun change!